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Freestyle Divers offer dive holidays in Khasab. Scuba Training. Technical Diving. Diving Khasab. Diving the Fjords of Khasab, Musandam, Oman.

Dive Khasab

Diving in Khasab is awesome. We can take you to many different areas and even run exploration days to find undiscovered sites. You’ll be able to enjoy the amazing Khasab fjord coastline during the boat trips out to the dives, which are all within a 30-50 minute ride depending on the currents and winds. Click here to find more about dive sites and prices.

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From complete beginner to advanced Instructor, you can rely on Freestyle Divers to deliver thorough, safe and professional training. Our goal is to make you an accomplished and safe diver by using the best teaching techniques from the start.  We don’t cut corners – our mission is to make you proficient with skills, conscious of your safety and as self-sufficient as possible.

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Hotel and Dive Packages

Save all the hassle of pricing everything yourself.  We have a fantastic deal waiting for you. Whether it’s all inclusive (with adult drinks) or half board, 2 days or 7 days diving, we can tailor your experience.

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Are you a Technical Diver?

We teach a full range of technical diving courses, so whether you are looking for a hypoxic trimix course or just want to take advantage of the increased safety and bottom time of Nitrox diving, we have the course for you. We are lucky enough to have some fantastic dive sites in the area to accommodate technical divers. We have a full range of technical rental equipment and all gas mixes. Whatever you need, we have it. Just ask!

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Photographer or Videographer?

We have designed a dedicated area for you! You will have your very own workstation to set up and store your equipment. Each station has lockable storage, a 240v/110v charging socket to keep your strobes bright and a compressed air gun to keep your camera and housing clean and dry. We also have a large screen media station in the room for you to check out and share your shots with your dive buddies.

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Mad about Marine Biology?

Khasab offers a rich and varied marine eco-system to explore. We have marine biologists on the team who would be happy to organize courses, presentations and guided trips to help you fully appreciate the fascinating  world beneath the Musandam waves. We can help you find everything from macro-critters through vibrant reef ecosystems, to whale sharks, dolphins, turtles and other pelagic animals.