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Cheap can be expensive

Have you ever decided to do something different in your life only to be disappointed.

Making an informed choice,

Choosing the right company or Instructor can make or break how you feel about your new found hobby or in fact if you continue at all.
Diving is similar to driving, get taught the wrong way and this can affect your confidence, your enjoyment and even your safety.

Operators or Instructors?

Where do operators draw the line between commercialisation (taking the money) and ensuring the client has the best possible experience.
There’s no doubt there are operators that will discount courses in an attempt to attract new clients but at what cost?
If you discount more and more what is the end result ? Pay less for inexperienced Instructors? Maybe miss scheduled equipment servicing? Break the law by not being insured or employing Pro staff without work visa’s?

Cheap can be expensive.

It is a very important consideration for any would be divers. Cheap can be expensive !
So often divers who have completed their open water course fail to return to the Instructor that taught them to take up continued education because after the course they see better divers in the water, more knowledgeable divers, and more confident divers.

Money Talks !

Remember Instructors are often on a commission for the equipment they sell to you, does this make their recommendations sound advice? Perhaps they want to sell you what’s in stock, what’s not really suitable for you simply to make a commission ?

Most professionals are just that !

The biggest percentage of Instructors will teach you to the best of their ability and aren’t out to make a quick buck, their bosses maybe pushing in another direction however.Never forget you have a choice. Take time to consider what is right for you.

Don’t be tempted.

So if you are offered a cut price course, maybe you are lumped with a large group of other students…Consider why ? It’s your life, your safety, your choice !

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