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About Khasab

Khasab. Musandam. Dive the Fjords of Khasab

We all strive to find that perfect dive destination. For most divers, it’s not just about the diving, it’s about the holiday experience too.

All those years ago, when Egypt was a place we thought we were the first to experience, we were pitching Bedouin tents on the shores and waiting for an eternity for our portable compressor to do its magic.

Khasab takes you back to those days. Although more developed, the diving remains unspoiled and pristine. Surrounded by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Oman. Khasab in Musandam has one of the widest bio-diversities of marine life in the world.

Unspoiled diving

The unique deep drops-offs and cool-water upwellings provide an abundance of plankton. This makes this a rich feeding ground for a huge variety of marine life and coral gardens.

Whale sharks, sunfish, tuna, jacks, big eye trevally, turtles, dolphins and eagle rays, right down to some of the most amazing macro delights can be found in Khasab.

If sharks are your thing, you won’t be disappointed. Several types of sharks can be found here too, especially in the currents where they feed.

Khasab caters for any experience level, whether you are a technical diver or newly qualified.  The dive sites here are as diverse as the marine life, and there is still much that remains unexplored.

So where is Khasab?

So Spiritual

Khasab lies in the north of Oman, bordering the United Arab Emirates. The small town is the local capital of the Musandam Peninsula and has frequently been dubbed the “Norway of Arabia” because of its extensive fjord-like craggy inlets and desolate mountains.

The mountains entwined with the sea give Khasab a spiritual feel, a place of serenity, a place to make memories.

Freestyle Divers

Freestyle Divers operates the only dive center in Khasab, in partnership with Atana hotels. A diver can choose from either the Atana Khasab hotel or the Atana Musandam hotel which are within a mile of each other. The hotels cater for different diving budgets.

Both offer top class food, bars, quality accommodation and Omani hospitality.

Let us take care of you

Whatever you need help with, we will assist.  Whether it is how to get here, diving questions, courses, equipment, gas fills or just some advice, feel free to contact us as we will do our very best to find you a solution.

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      Amazingly professional, amazingly friendly. The team was super professional and very well organized from the very first steps of planning our trip. As a family with two young kids (ages 4 & 6) and our first visit to Khasab, the diving coordinator was extremely helpful...More

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